Linaria Life Sciences

About Us



Linaria Life Sciences is one of the largest specialty pharmaceutical company. We have a great workforce, sophisticated technology and high end machineries and technologies. This helps us to create the best products and the same is is the reason behind our great success. The medicines that we produce are of greater quality and trusted by most of the leading physicians and patients. We have a large R&D centre in which day-to-day researches are carried out to enhance the quality and efficacy of our medicine. The highly qualified and knowledgeable scientists  we have in our company is one of our greatest assets. Our employees have full freedom to share their ideas and views. We get inputs from our employees and take the best out of it. Hence they work with full enthusiasm and put all their efforts bring out the best. As a result we produce the best medicines and we never compromise on quality.



Day by day strange diseases are getting developed due to lifestyle changes and it’s having a huge impact on our society. Realizing this, we have expanded our research process not only in the fields in which we are currently operating, but also in many other fields to face the strange diseases. In the long run, our mission is to set up a healthy society for our future generations.